Fashion Friday: A Halloween Twist

I love Halloween. This is a holiday that you can go all out on costumes. However, incorporating it in everyday fashion can take a bit more effort so that it doesn’t end up looking campy.

One thing that works for Halloween and pretty much any other time is skulls.

They are punk rock.

flashback punk

I wore something similar ages ago but the skirt was red plaid and longer than that! Now that my punk rock style days are over, I won’t wear the full ensemble or the micro mini. Breaking down the other parts and incorporating it in other outfits is a definite yes though.

They are gothic.

Victoria gothic

They can be grinning cutesy ones.

Cutesy skulls

Loose top / Betsey Johnson skull handbag / Betsey Johnson skull watch / Hair bow accessory / Wet Seal

I even have a skulls and crossbones shirt with knitting needles as the crossbones. As long as you aren’t wearing a shirt with a fire engulfed screaming skull on it, you shouldn’t be confused for a heavy metal music fan. Well, that is if you aren’t a heavy metal music fan.


H&M long sleeve top, $13 / Wallis black bodycon skirt / Rupert Sanderson mid heels / momocreatura silver stud earrings / Long scarve / Wet Seal metallic belt / Lancôme lip makeup / Lancôme , $34 / Stila waterproof eyeliner

This is something I could see myself buying and easily wearing. Well other than the boots, which are way out of my price range.


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