That Time I Compared Crossfit and Twilight

So I had the chance to attend a Crossfit workout… class… thing at the Healthy Living Summit. I know they are referred to as WOD (which makes me think of WAD like wad of gum or WODs up.) I approached it as I did Twilight.  Yes, I am comparing fitness and books.

Everyone raved about Twilight and how it was the OMG! SQUEE! best book EVAHHH!!!! (I really wish I could get the exclamation points to have hearts on them to be even more fan girl.) I had no interest in reading it.

My vampires don’t sparkle.

The BFF made the point that I had at once had no interest in Harry Potter.


I gave “Sparkle, Sparkle, Wah, Wah” (as I now call it) a chance. I read it. I read it on public transporation to refrain from throwing it.  I slogged through it til the end to be able to honestly say I didn’t like it.  Big surprise, I hated Twilight. (However, Rifftrax has a good download for it.)

So I gave Crossfit a chance approaching it also like the mosh pit after years lacking any sort of headbanging… with caution.

I had only what I had read online to go by and that is always something hard to use.  There are the people that like it, the people that LOVE it and the people that flip out like the dog in that old Beggin Strips commercial but sputtering CROSSFIT! instead of BACON!

So that is the positive side of people reactions. I’ve also read about how some people don’t like it or hate it with an absolute passion.

I really had no interest in flinging around tires or hanging upside down like a bat. I also kept thinking of that Planet Fitness commercial as well.

Realistically though, I had a feeling we wouldn’t be doing anything too crazy. I still wasn’t sold on going. After a good deal of grumbling, snarking, and probably whining or as Jess would say just plain whining, I did end up going.  I saw it as a demo but what we did was called a AMRAP or “as many reps as possible.” We all lined up and listened to the coach explain everything. I thought he did this extremely well. The talk was about the sport and the workout we were about to do and not a sales pitch. You could tell he truly loved what he did. The other coaches walked around as we did a few moves to watch our form.

The AMRAP was 5 minutes of  repeating 7 air squats, or as I call them squats, then 15 jumps, as House of Pain ran through my head. Half way through I was bored.  I’m serious. I even leaned forward and whispered, or meant to whisper, something along the lines of “I’m bored” to Erin who was ahead of me.  We were supposed to count our reps and I honestly didn’t.  For me, knowing I’m doing something with the right form so that I am not injuring myself is more important than how many I can do.  Plus then I can pay attention to my cranky knee.

At the end of the 5 minutes, they asked how many people did whatever number reps and hands were raised. I don’t know how many I did nor did I really care. Some other people in the room were totally pumped by the competition element.  I was not.  I have never been one for team sports and crazy athletic or even non-crazy athletic competitions. I played on a co-ed volleyball team ONCE since our friends needed a female teammate. I warned them numerous times that I’m not a big volleyball person AT ALL and safe to say that was the last season I played. It was a win win situation for us all.

So I have added Crossfit to the fitness  list of “been there, done that, no plan to repeat” with any sort of hot yoga.  Feeling like you are going to throw up in downward dog is never good.  Crossfit is not a match for me. I know there is more than sitting in imaginary chairs and channeling Jump Around but I have no interest in finding out.  I am happy that I had the opportunity at HLS and from Reebok.  I’ve worn Reebok for years so I think I’ll just stick to that.


5 thoughts on “That Time I Compared Crossfit and Twilight

  1. You just named three things that I too am “meh” about. I just have a hard time getting into lifestyle type things like Crossfit because it seems very consuming with the paleo eating and the WODs that build on one another and… ehh. As for hot yoga, yeah, bump that too. There’s plenty of other fun workouts there for us who don’t like those two crazes! And plenty of books for those of us who don’t like Twilight either!

  2. Ha! I love this analogy. I am also part of the 1% that doesn’t get the whole Twilight thing. I wouldn’t even pick up the book so you are better than me. I do want to try real crossfit though. It’s on my list for after the marathon. But, I think it’s okay for you to not like it. There are a million ways to stay fit! 🙂

  3. Funny thing is, CrossFitters love bacon just as much as they do CrossFit. Great analogy and story. Though I think it’s safe to say, CrossFit is like boys, sometimes you have to kiss them twice before you know if they are a frog or not? er, maybe not. If you didn’t like it, you didn’t like it. I still like your post even though I do CrossFit. P.S. I didn’t read Twilight, but I did fall for the hype about 50 Shades of Grey. Bought all three, got through the first, then half of the second before finding myself bored out of my mind. I would imagine Twilight books would evoke a similar reaction…

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