10 Week Turnaround: Done!

Last week marked the end of 10 Week Turnaround for me.

Week 10: Prep lunches and snacks at least one day ahead (5/7)
Making the effort worked in the long run even on the days that I went to bed late because of it.  I still had some zombie mode mornings but knowing all I had to do was throw everything in my lunch bag helped.  Over the weekend, knowing I had snacks kept me from staring in the pantry but never actually seeing anything.

So I am glad I tried this challenge.  I’ve learned that trying to work on something for a week works best for me.  At the same time, if I plan something for that specific week and it doesn’t go as planned I’m not beating myself up over it.  Seven days off track isn’t horrible.  Seven weeks would be a different story and in need of some changes.

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