Fashion Friday: Mrs. Happy Pants vs Angry Pants Shopping

Ahem, jeans. Do you mean wide leg, skinny, bootcut, flare, mini flare, curvy, cargo, capri, boyfriend, ultra whatever blah blah blah? Other than any style ending in “egging” or pajama “jeans” I’ve probably worn/owned each of those style at least once. All that is missing is the low rise and ultra low rise that were oh so trendy in the early 2000s.

Lately it seems like if I am jeans shopping I’m dealing with a similarly crazy list. Darth Husband will not go pants shopping with me.  We jokingly call it angry pants shopping because most times I will get “angry” about something.  I’m using quotes since it is more annoyed than foot stomping angry. It might be something that makes me go really?!?! like a pair fitting everywhere but in the knees.  Yes, the knees. It has happened at least twice.

I’ve gotten to the point now where I just grab a variety of sizes and styles and hope for the best.  I’ve now started thinking of the Mom Jeans and the Dreaded Long Butt post from Grasping for Objectivity as well as sending photo messages to Jess.  What are your besties for if they can’t honestly respond to “Does this make my butt/hips/overall body look weird? Plus twisting around to take dressing room photos usually has me laughing at then lightens the mood if needed.

All this being said, realistically I am in the middle of the standard women’s clothing size range. At 5’7”, I’m not needing a  petite nor needing a tall/long. I have days that I am in the worst mood and come home with nothing.  Other days I totally luck out and end up with one or more.

Recently I lucked out and found two pairs I thought would work.  I tried them on, sent the aforementioned photos, and proceeded to carry them around the store as I looked at various housewares that I didn’t need. (I love Marshalls and their housewares, decor, food, and odds and ends section.)  One Oxo Pop container later, I was checking out with one of the jeans in hand. Even though both worked, I wasn’t sold on getting both.  I wanted jeans that I could wear out without giving it a second thought. That is how I decided.

I took home what I was excited to wear. I think that is a big part of clothing in general, being excited about it.  I have many things that I like or feel comfortable wearing but something that makes me happy instantly always helps. So does finding $60 ones for $30!

Have you bought clothes lately that had you instantly smiling?


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