10 Week Turnaround: Week 10 – Get It Together… Early

After last week, the dogs know what is coming if I pick up their brush.

Week 9 – Brush the dogs(5/7)
While we do brush our dogs, when it is shedding season they need it even more. We always joke that Cosmo is molting.  He is an Australian Shephard and so it ends up pretty bad.  While Molly is a mixed breed, she has the Rott hair so it is a bit less crazy.  Both dogs loved the extra attention to a point.  Molly is done so quickly that she’ll come back and get in Cosmo’s way.  Cosmo, on the other hand, will tolerate it awhile then just wants a belly rub.

Week 10: Prep lunches and snacks at least one day ahead
I am not a morning person.  I have never been a morning person. However, I don’t always remember to have my lunch bag packed.  On a good day, it is a few extra minutes and I have something thrown together.  Other times I’m scrambling and end up having to get lunch out. While I don’t mind eating out at times, I don’t want to have that become the default.

I picked up some fruit cups and  fruit leather for snacks.  It helps that they do not need to be refrigerated and if I forgot one in my bag I don’t end up with a science experiment.  We usually have some almonds in the house as well as cheese sticks and Greek yogurt.

We make enough dinner to have leftovers more times that not. Since I am not anti-eating leftovers, that can become my lunch. I just need to remember to grab it or to remember to grab the right one.  Luckily the last time I grabbed the wrong container it was mashed potatoes.  I love potatoes but just potatoes was a bit of overkill.


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