The Return of Slow Cooker Sundays and 16+ Weeks of Yelling

In this house, Sunday dinners during football season mean easy dinners. As I explained last year, I’m not a huge football person. However, Darth Husband is a HUGE football person. The TV goes on at noon and he is a happy camper… well at least in the beginning… and when the Bears are doing well.

Darth Husband is the main cook in the house but I’m the queen of the slow cooker. While I have had some crazy results like the stew that turned into a large bland pot pie, the majority of the time it works out well. Some times a recipe turns out extremely well and makes it to the recipe box or at least as a repeated recipe.

Last Sunday we totally skipped a recipe.  We were in Trader Joe’s the day before and Darth Husband found their Cabernet Pot Roast. We decided to give it a try.  I ended up super early to brown it and get it in the slow cooker since it had to cook all day. (Then I went back to bed and got up much later.)

Last Sunday is also when I started feeling horrible. Luckily food hadn’t started tasting off yet so I was able to try it and make an honest opinion.  I really liked it.  True, it takes 10-12 hrs to cook but the wait is worth it.  I could see us getting it again.

Photo taken on the back of the loveseat as I remembered last minute to take a picture. It looked much better than the iffy photo shows.

Today I went with a tried, true, and extremely easy option. We also picked up some items for this dinner when we were at Trader Joe’s so we had no shopping to do.

Mexican Style Chicken

  • 3 whole boneless skinless chicken breasts
  • Two  jars of  Trader Joe’s salsa
  • Approx 2 – 2 1/2 cups Trader Joe’s Organic Foursome – sweet white corn, sweet peas, julienne sliced carrots and fancy blue lake green beans (I  just shook the bag into the slow cooker.)
  • 1 can black beans

I set it on high for all but the last 30 minutes. The overall cooking time was about 7 hrs.  I did check on it throughout the day and give it a decent stir.  I’ve had burnt edge issues in the past so I always prefer to check. Realistically, I probably could have just let it be and it would have turned out fine. I was watching for the chicken to be fully cooked and eventually start falling apart.

We have made various versions of this and as long as you watch the level of hotness it works really well.  I also love that all the ingredients are things that are usually in our fridge, freezer, and pantry.

This time it was served over Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley.


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