10 Week Turnaround: Week 9 – It’s Shedding Season

Last week I had to change things around because I got hit with a horrible head cold.

Week 8 – Take care of myself and kick this cold (7/7)
I’m honestly not even back to 100% a week later. However, I did everything within my power to take care of myself.  It was all about the extras: extra tea (yes, this is possible,) extra sleep, extra time to get things done, extra time to get places. It was all about making the conscious effort with the decision to be successful but not put my health at risk by overdoing it. I’m glad I did because every day I feel slightly better.

Week 9 – Brush the dogs
It is shedding season and with two dogs, one being long-haired, furrball tumbleweeds can take over if we aren’t paying attention. While this is something that will better the dogs, it will also better us. We always have sticky rollers and lint mitts but now is when they are needed twofold.  It will also help us with our weekly house cleanings since vacuuming and sweeping will take less time.  Plus the dogs love any extra attention they can get and they get a lot to begin with.


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