Boston Night Tour – East Coast Ghost Hunting

While wandering around Boston, Jess and I met an extremely nice woman who took a picture for us. I take that back. She took several with different angles as well.  We ended up chatting with her a bit and she mentioned a restaurant to check out. Neither of us wrote it down and we eventually ended up at an information booth trying to figure out the name.

I think we were meant to not remember and stop at that booth because we all started talking ghost tours.  Jess and I had seen a sign for one tour. It was more of the theatrical tour with costumes, accents, and the possibility of someone popping out to scare us. It looked interesting but I’m not one for people jumping out, or even the possibility of jumping out. I don’t go to haunted houses because I’m worried I’ll hit some poor person as they come at me. I didn’t want to scare someone trying to scare me. The girl at the information booth mentioned that there was another tour.

We headed down towards Fanueil Hall and found the person she had mentioned.

It was literally a person. No booth. No cart. We got some information about the Boston Night Tour and planned to head back the next night.  After doing a little research, we discovered that it was an extremely well-rated tour.

We ended up putting the word out via Twitter thinking that there’d be others attending the conference that would want to join in.  The total tour was to take 90 minutes and about a mile walk. That is totally decent with comfy shoes and nothing if you had already been out and running over 5 miles that morning.  Kristin ended up joining us.

Jim, our paranormal tour guide, was excellent.  We went to a half a dozen sites where we learned not only the ghostly history but actual history as well.  I really liked this because it was a three part deal per site: actual history, haunted history, and paranormal investigative information. He asked questions, answered questions, and politely dealt with the one semi-snarky women who didn’t seem to believe in a lot of the haunting stories.  She must have been dragged along by a friend or family member.

The thing is though, we were allowed to think and form an opinion.  I liked this because you could easily creep yourself out if you wanted to or just walk along listening and observing. Being in a new city, and it being an old and historical city, it is easy to let your mind play tricks on you.  Things do look spookier in the dark.

Did I see any ghosts? No nor did I capture anything on film that could be perceived as ghostly. The Omni Parker House, which is one of Boston’s famous haunted hotels, did creep me out but at the same time old hotels do creep me out. In the end though I was extremely pleased with the tour. I’m glad I didn’t let my mind creep me out before we even got there though Jess would have probably dragged me there or teased me for years about it.  Basically, I would 100% recommend the tour to anyone in the area.

Have you ever been on a ghost tour?


4 thoughts on “Boston Night Tour – East Coast Ghost Hunting

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