10 Week Turnaround: Week 7 – Throwing My Weight Around

Last week…
Week 6: Take 10 minutes to work on something I keep putting off (3.5/7)
I’m counting this as a half since while I took the extra ten minutes, it wasn’t always things I had been putting off. The plan ended up morphing into something else but in the end things got done. I found myself thinking “ok ten minutes to…” and that pushed me to get things done when I just wanted to stop or to do something else.  Perhaps a good way is to called it a skewed sense of motivation. I was motivated to do something extra but not always what I had planned to do or work on. I have a feeling if I revisit this plan when it is cold and/or rainy outside things will end up differently. Sorting magazines with a fireplace blazing and a hot chocolate at my side is one thing that comes to mind.

Now on to this week…
Week 7 – Do some sort of weight related and/or strength training exercise daily
I decided upon this week’s plan when I was dragging a 46lb bag of dog food out of the car trunk.  It had a small hole in one side so I couldn’t carry it like I normally do.  I can’t drag it literally or the bag will blow out a corner or two.

I stretch. I walk about 13 miles a week. I also have handweights and kettlebells gathering dust under the living room couch. I’ve read numerous articles about the benefits of using weights. I’ve collected and done various routines in the past. I just haven’t done anything lately.  I’m not looking to get ripped or anything close to validating making that obnoxious “welcome to the gun show/tickets to the gun show” joke that was on way too many t-shirts several years back. I just know that it will benefit me both in the short term (since two dogs will go through that bag in a decent amount of time) and the long run (hello healthy bones.)


One thought on “10 Week Turnaround: Week 7 – Throwing My Weight Around

  1. I highly recommend getting into some kind of strength routine, even if it means just 15 minutes a day, 3x per week. Fitnessista.com has a bunch of great circuit/strength workouts that don’t require a ton of equipment. Most of the time, a pair of dumbbells, a mat and your own body weight will do the trick! Just say yes to bone density and increased strength. 🙂 But seriously, if you have any questions, just let me know.

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