Wine Tasting at Mount Auburn Cemetery

Whenever I am traveling to a new city one of the first things I do is start researching. Food and things to do are two of my main points.  This time I lucked out when I was looking for things to do in Cambridge, MA. I found both, though technically it would be drink and things to do. It was a wine tasting at Mount Auburn Cemetery.

Heading up the hills

After a short cab ride from our hotel and a walk up a series of hilly paths, Jess, Emily and I met up with Erin and The Scientist.  The wine tasting was at the base of Washington Tower.

While you can climb up to the top of the Tower, I opted not to but still got a great view of the city.

This was the first time I attended a wine tasting so I only had an idea of what to expect. Everything ended up being much more than I expected.  There was live music, a wide range of different wines, and a variety of finger food and sweets. The members of the Friends of Mount Auburn were very welcoming and I never once felt out of place.

Add perfect weather to the mix and I was really glad we all were able to attend. If I lived in the area, I’d defintely go back for another event.

Have you ever attended a wine tasting?


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