Cue the Augustana, Think I’ll Go to Boston

When I first read the location announcement for this year’s Healthy Living Summit, Augustana immediately came to mind.

This is how my brain works and why “The problem with reality is the lack of background music” is one of my favorite quotes.

Visiting Boston would mean checking off another place from my “to visit” list as well as adding a magnet to the fridge map. More importantly, this would be a chance to see a bunch of women I haven’t seen in about a year and two that I haven’t seen in two years. This is when things started changing from conference to girls weekend.

I figured if I was flying all the way to the East Coast I wasn’t going to just stay in a hotel. Pffft to that! I started researching places to go: shopping, restaurants, history. I had a little list going. The plan was to cram as much as possible into the time around the conference.

Then I found out it was in Cambridge, not Boston. Backup, backtrack, revamp search with Augustana still stuck in my head. While I would be right near Boston we’re talking an entirely different city.  I’m one that says I’m from outside Chicago not from Chicago. That’s just my deal.

So I was headed to Cambridge with the mindset of girls weekend fully settled in my brain.  This was the third year I was attending and I was approaching the conference with a different mindset.  My main goal was to have a great weekend and not just have a great time at a conference.


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