10 Week Turnaround: Week 6 – Taking 10 Extra Minutes

Week 5 Goal: Practice yoga daily (1/7)
This was a week when a great plan just didn’t work. I ended up giving my return flight seat to a father and son so I flew back a day later. I ended up not feeling well for a few days. I had plans with friends, a concert with Darth Husband, and then a BBQ. There was a lot to do and I didn’t even get other things done.

These can easily be seen as reasons or excuses. I see them as reasons.  If I had nothing going on and felt 100% then they would be excuses.  I think one of the keys to living a balanced life is deciding when sometimes I just need to scale back.  At the same time, I need to remember when I just need to stop.  I know I’ll eventually get back to yoga. I just don’t know quite when.

Week 6: Take 10 minutes to work on something I keep putting off
I have plans and projects in the wings for numerous things. I want to start working on them but I keep putting them off.  They aren’t things that need to be done so at times this is way too easy: cutting out recipes/ideas/etc from magazines, reorganizing my yarn stash, painting the chair that I found for under $5 at a garage sale, etc. Some things will just make me happy (the chair) while others will help both me and Darth Husband (getting rid of the giant stack of magazines.)

A follow-up to my prior weeks:

  • Week 4 Goal: Stretch
    I’ve found that this has gotten to be almost automatic once again.  Some days I find myself stretching at least twice a day too.  The knot in my back is slowly going away.  My shoulders are still wonky from dragging around luggage but much better than they were before.
  • Week 3 Goal: Go to bed earlier
    Some days I am really good at this. Others I totally lose track of time.  I was recently on vacation and so those days I decided to go to bed when I was absolutely tired.  (Plus catching up with friends does not warrant an early bedtime.)
  • Week 2 Goal: Start every morning with unsweetened green tea
    I am practically out of plain green tea so I need to pick up some more.  I have TONS of other tea in the house however so making a travel mug or regular mug of tea is extremely easy. Vacation made it a bit harder since the one hotel had a very small and somewhat odd coffee maker. I just stuck to drink mixes as a replacement.
  • Week 1 Goal: Practice focused meditation every day for 10 minutes
    This is now back as part of my daily routine. Some days it might only be 5 minutes. Some days I find myself taking 20 minutes. On days I don’t take the time, I can feel the difference and make sure to do it the next day.

3 thoughts on “10 Week Turnaround: Week 6 – Taking 10 Extra Minutes

  1. The more I see of this 10 week turnaround program, the more I like it. Go you! I love the past week updates and the fact that you\’ve been so good about making things habits. I\’m really bad at making good habits stick. And I LOVE your week 6 goal–its amazing what can be accomplished in 10 minutes!

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