10 Week Turnaround: Week 5 – Go Go Gadget… errr Yoga!

This recap is a day late due to my being in Cambridge and Boston this past weekend and just getting home today. There will be future posts about the trip soon including my first time trying lobstaaaahhh.

Week 4 Goal: Stretch (7/7)
I love how something can be so simple and not simple at the same time.  My right shoulder and right knee like to be cranky from time to time and so stretching helps out with that.  It helps, however, when I remember to do it.  After this week, it has gotten back to the automatic mode that I had before.  This past weekend had a ton of walking and carrying heavy luggage. I don’t even want to think of how I’d feel if I hadn’t done any stretching. I do have some knots that I want to go away from the bags, especially my carry-on, so I plan to step it up a notch this week.

Week 5 Goal: Practice yoga daily
I’ve practiced yoga on and off for probably 15 years now.  It was never anything super hardcore in terms of studio attendance or total hour count on the mat but rather something I’ve just enjoyed. I am not setting a specific amount of time for this one.  I think if I make it to rigid I will be less successful. Plus some days work better than others to really get the mat out and the dog or cat off it since they love it and relax.  This will also give me the chance to check out a few DVDs I have and see what I can find on YouTube.

Music for this post: Skrillex


4 thoughts on “10 Week Turnaround: Week 5 – Go Go Gadget… errr Yoga!

  1. Welcome back! I’m enjoying these posts because it’s an easy way to make better life changes. I’m already thinking of a few things I’d like to do. Yoga is only something I tried a few times but never committed to it, so perhaps that can be something I can knock out and make the effort for.

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