10 Week Turnaround: Week 4 – Stretch!

I ended up not being alone in Week 3’s challenge.  April from The April Blake ended up helping me be accountable.

Week 3 Goal: Go to bed earlier (6/7)

Success! I know it isn’t 100% but I still think this is a success.  I paid attention to the clock. I turned off the laptop before it got late. One night I got in one of those crazy go-go-go modes and had to finish things rather than letting them be until the next day. Otherwise, I was within a decent amount of time of when I wanted to get to bed.

In a way though the timing was perfect.  Even with the extra sleep, I was worn out.  I think the meh feeling from before with my green tea morning plan was more than just allergies.  Extra sleep is always good when I’m coming down with something and this time I think (fingers crossed) it went away completely.

Week 4 Goal: Stretch

There are times when I am really good at making sure I stretch daily. Other times I totally forget and only realize it when I have a giant knot in my back, neck, or both. I keep planning to get back to regularly practicing yoga and I think this is a good way to start as well.

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