10 Week Turnaround: Week 3 – Go To Bed

Week 2 ended up being much more successful than Week 1. Tea is an everyday part of my life so that made it easier.

Been there, done that…

Week 2 Goal: Start every morning with unsweetened green tea. (5/7)
I think I did really well. I had one day when the tea was too old and tasted horrible so I swapped it out with Lipton decaf. Yesterday I woke up super early with a horrible migraine, took some meds, went back to sleep, and still felt sick when I got up later. I woke up with that funky taste in my mouth from the meds and needed something with more of a punch than green tea. Peach black tea to the rescue! It still is tea just not green.

However in terms of allergies, I think I jinxed myself.  My head was driving me crazy this week.  It may have been a precursor to the migraine that eventually kicked in. It may have been the aftermath of being on vacation and inside for so long then heading back to the normal commute. Maybe it was from last-minute housecleaning and yardwork. Honestly I don’t know but it was still annoying but I know it could have been worse.

Will I stick with my morning tea routine? Of course. If I have not had any tea, there is something wrong. Will it only be green tea in the morning? Probably not.  I have over a dozen boxes of different teas in the house.  Certain ones, like chai, I prefer to drink at home but most of them have an unofficial rotation.

Next on the to-do list…

Week 3 Goal: Go to bed earlier

I try to get to bed around the same time during the week but it doesn’t always happen.  I need to make a conscious effort to get to bed at least 10 minutes earlier every night.  I know 10 minutes isn’t a huge amount of time but I know it will make a difference.  It will also stop me from trying to get one more thing done which never is just one thing if we are talking something online ahem Pinterest.  While the main goal is to get a little more sleep, it will also help me to relax on the days I have that crazy energy waaaaaaay too late in the evening.


5 thoughts on “10 Week Turnaround: Week 3 – Go To Bed

  1. I am so going to join you on going to bed earlier this week. Goal: in bed by 10:30 and reading til sleep. I’m gonna tweet you every night to make sure you’re getting ready for bed at a good hour 🙂 What’s your time zone?

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