Weekend Crafts: Easy Print Framing

I bought this Tad Carpenter letterpress at last year’s Renegade Craft Fair from the Vahalla Studios booth.  I love adding handmade elements and art to our house. I had planned to post this a long time ago but misplaced the pictures!

This was a really easy craft for me but I have friends who are not crafty so hopefully this will inspire them.

Rather than using mat board, I took out the “super stack” of scrapbook paper that I got on a super sale at Joann Fabrics a few years ago. I don’t scrapbook but the paper can be used for almost anything.

This was going in our hallway which is painted Honeydew by Behr (a great light but bright green) so I wanted something to go with the green. The blue/green stripe was the best choice and an easy one. Stripes mean lines that can easily be followed!

I have a Fiskars paper cutter that I absolutely love and used for all the cutting and measuring. Even though I cut a decent straight line, I didn’t want any wonky lines messing up the stripes.

I used the old mat as a template with a version of the old “measure twice cut once.” Luckily that mat was thick enough where I didn’t have to worry about it bending. The cut marks went on the back side of the paper so there is no need to erase.

One piece cut and ready to go inside the frame.

My template worked well and it fit without buckeling. Clearly, it was too short and needed more paper added.

I cut the second piece to the same width while paying attention to the stripes.

There will be a line where the two papers meet. Where this is, however, will make it more or less visible.

The backing of the frame fit tightly so I knew I wouldn’t need something major to hold the art in place. If I was framing something heavier or had more space between the glass and art, I would have used something stronger than scotch tape.

A quick flip and some minor adjustments later, everything was ready to be put in the frame.  I included the old mat and a little bit of cardboard which helped keep the shifting to a minor amount.

The space is an odd one with limited natural light and has goofy shadows from our lights. (This was the best picture I could get.) However, since it is not a photo or a detailed design, it really works. It also makes me smile every time I walk past it.


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