New Summer BBQ addition: Sangria!

We recently had a BBQ and I wanted to try making sangria. To be completely honest, I thought it was just wine and fruit. After about an hour of searching online, I found out I was very mistaken. EEK! So much for being simple. I ended up looking via Pinterest to see if I could find a popular one, or just one with a photo that caught my attention. Add more searching time.

I ended up finding Kitchen Treaty’s White Strawberry-Lemon Sangria. It wasn’t too complex, didn’t have added sugar, and seemed like something my friends would enjoy.

It didn’t sit as long as a recipe since I didn’t forgot to start it in the morning. Since we didn’t have a giant pitcher, I ended up making the “leaded” version in the pitcher and adding the lemon-lime later.

It actually worked really well that way since everyone could make it as strong as they wanted.  It was a huge hit and I plan to make it for future parties/BBQs/girls’ nights/etc.


2 thoughts on “New Summer BBQ addition: Sangria!

  1. I love sangria! I keep intending to make it, but then I get lazy/scared that it won’t scale down correctly for just Brian and I. I did make MamaPea’s virgin sangria a couple weeks ago for a party and it was great. I’ve seen some recipes using moscato wine that I’d love to try.

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