10 Week Turnaround: Week 1 – 10 Minute Meditation

A few months ago Erin at Big Girl Feats posted “My 10 Week Turnaround” which I thought was a GREAT idea since it is a different approach to other goal based challenges. My plan is to post once a week about the 10 Week Turnaround.  Since I don’t want this to be only work week based, I’m using Sunday as the first day of the week instead of Monday.

I love Erin’s main idea “Each week I’ll either add a new habit or subtract an old habit that doesn’t serve me anymore/is something I want to change” since it focuses on adding as well as removing.  I don’t want to focus all my energy on thing that are percived as bad and need to be stopped.

WEEK 1 Goal: Practice focused meditation every day for 10 minutes

I recently started this style of meditation since clearing my mind completely never worked for me. I now need to start making this part of my daily routine.

If my mind has a clear target, I can then quiet my mind, relax my body, and truly get balanced for a few minutes. I focus on something that I’m looking forward to in the future or something that always makes me happy.  If something negative tries to take over, I stop mentally tell it “No! This is not the time for you!” and refocus my thoughts.

If I can make this a daily habit, I know it will be extremely helpful when life gets busy.  It’s much more than just saying that I need to sit down for a few minutes or go take a nap.


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