I Make Ugly Food

I recently started watching Season 3 of Master Chef on Hulu+ since I was getting sick of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.  I grew up watching cooking shows with my parents so they are nothing new.  Now a lot of today’s shows just have a contest element or a screaming person or two. I personally would never even try to be on Master Chef. My cooking skills are no way near competitive cooking.  I’m happy when sometime turns out well.

Usually turns out well for me means tastes good.  I am a fan of what I lovingly call hodge-podge which is sort of a stir fry/gumbo/stoup.  Basically it’s a protein, a veggie, and spices. Usually there are chickpeas or black beans included as well. When it is done, it looks pretty ugly.  Darth Husband has opted out of some of them since they look like goop or prison food.  Clearly any sort of plating/food appearance and placement points would not be awarded to me.

Curried Cashew Shrimp, Black Beans & Veggies over Trader Joe’s Harvest Grain Blend: Yes it was that dull in real life

I’ve learned one thing reading food blogs/post though. Focusing on a single element works well.

Chicken and Baby Bella over multi-pasta

I know it takes practice and knowing which elements will turn a dish murky. I just haven’t mastered that.

However, if you want to look at pretty food pictures, I recommend visiting Kristin over at Food Fash, Erin at A Girl & Her Mutt, and Mary at Fervent Foodie.


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