Fashion Friday: Less Stress Swimwear Shopping

Yes, it does exist… somewhat… at times.  I normally find swimwear shopping as I do pants shopping – a lot of searching, trying on, and grr-ing. Then out of the blue, I will totally luck out and there will be a perfect option, or two if I’m super lucky.  This was one of those instances.

Darth Husband and I were invited to a BBQ.  The people throwing it have a pool but due to miscommunication on our part, we arrived sans swimwear and other related items including SPF300+ so I don’t fry. Luckily there was a Target nearby. So this was the challenge: find a swimsuit to wear in as little time as possible and one that I’d be comfortable wearing in front of a large group of strangers.

I could have totally spent all afternoon going through what they had but I didn’t.  This wasn’t the shopping trip to look at stuff that might work or make me start laughing.

I started looking with three things in mind.

  • Stick to colors and patterns I know already love and know work with my skintone pale on pale
  • Stick to top styles that I have worn before, feel comfortable wearing as in actual comfort level, and that I know have little risk of any level of possible Janet Jackson at the Superbowl instances moving the wrong way
  • Stick to bottom style that are (again) comfortable, a style worn before and not likely to move and give me a huge wedgie

I know these are super basic concepts but it is so easy to get caught up in the cute patterns, color combos and details. I too often forget as well that some colors just DON’T work for me. (To anyone who looks great in neon yellow-green swimwear, you get extra kudos from me.)

I decided to go to my default style: two piece with halter top and side ties bottoms. I’m mid-range chest size so it gives me enough support up top without being too smushy.  I’ve always liked side ties bottoms and it balances out my body type well. It also isn’t out of my norm and therefore comfort zone, so the level of possible body image issues in said suit are extremely low.

The pool gods were smiling on me because I found several colors (purple and green) in both a solid and a stripe. As always, I did the grab multiple sizes since almost everywhere sizing is different and go.  The solid green ended up being the winner.

Default bikini style

Mix & Match side tie bikini / Mix & Match halter swimwear

Please ignore the pink. It was the only one on Polyvore of that specific top.

I know that I totally lucked out and was glad I did.  Going back to the BBQ with something I loved and felt good was important to me.  Not spending a ton of money was a close second.  I’m not knocking the higher end stuff since I have paid $50+ for a bikini before but in the end they all wear out.

Will there be times I go hunting for something new and end up utterly frustrated? Of course. Having a suit or two at home that I can count on will definitely help.

Now I just need to figure out the whole sunless tanner deal so I look less likely to glow under a blacklight pale.


One thought on “Fashion Friday: Less Stress Swimwear Shopping

  1. I had the whole BBQ + pool – bathsuit thing happen on 4th of July! No one bother to tell me Tom & Kellie had a pool. (Apparently I was supposed to just know since I’d been there once before…ya know, in the dead of winter, with two feet of snow on the ground, when we went to plow out their driveway.) Since we were only there a short while though, I didn’t bother to go get a suit.

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