A garden, a mine and a side of scrubs

Lately my free time has been a mix yardwork in small batches when it is not 9oo degrees out, Minecraft, and Scrubs with a bit of laundry mixed in.  There were some days that I didn’t even fire up the laptop. True, having an iPhone makes it so I’m still connected to the digital world, but it is still not the same. I was up and somewhat moving.

Tiger lilies

I can sit outside and enjoy this or hack at dig work at the surrounding flowerbeds depending on my mood. I’ve honestly never gotten excited about bags of mulch being on sale before this summer.

Since this is only one section and I know even with both Darth Husband and I working on the yard, it will take a lot of hard work to get it to where we want it to be. Honestly, it will take years or a chance to be on Desperate Landscapes though it probably wouldn’t qualify for it to really be done. Then we’d have a new idea and it would start over if not somewhat all over again.  This I don’t mind since I know things will die, things will go crazy and need to be thinned out and we will continue to find more of the awesome dark maroon/purple-ish lilies that we both like.

Another tiger lily and an unknown purple flower

When I wasn’t out in the garden, I’ve gotten hooked on the pixelated land of Minecraft. Darth Husband is a gamer but the kind that moves, bathes, and interacts with real people and I’m a fan of video games as well unless it is Halo since I play it like a drunken penguin. I’m more of a puzzle person if we are talking non-Mario or Mortal Kombat era of games. Several people started talking about Minecraft and then Darth Husband downloaded the demo.

It all went downhill from there and by downhill I mean us both “fighting” over the Xbox. Realistically, I don’t play that much but it seems like when I’m all geared up to play he has a game time set up with a friend or two. (Please read “game time” as a somewhat pre-determined time to meet up online and not mix it up as a “game night” which is a whole other animal, vegetable, mineral.) When I have played though, with the game on peaceful, I’ve found it quite relaxing.  I just need to wear my glasses because the pixelated graphics make my eyes a bit wonky – not really hurt but a little “off” for a lack of a better word.

However, the one thing that has been running via the Xbox that we both agree upon is Scrubs. I had only seen the show in bits and pieces of later episodes. It sorta made sense but I had a feeling it was one of those shows that I had start over and watch from the beginning.  This was on my “to watch” list but I hadn’t put too much of a priority on it.  Darth Husband started the first season and I ended up getting hooked. Yes, I know this is an old show but for some reason I never watched it when it was new. The safest bet was that it was against something else that I did watch. Luckily through the beauty of Netflix, that’s not a problem.

We just finish watching Season 8 and started Season 9 but it’s ok. I also started Supernatural from Season One…

Music for this post: Fun.


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