Fashion Friday: High Low Hems Gotta Go

I absolutely love wearing skirts and dresses in the summer.  While I do wear them all year round, they work exceptionally well with the Chicago area’s summer weather.  Plus it is a fast and easy deal when I need to get ready for something.  As long as I have the right undergarments, shoes, and accessories ready, I can cut a good chunk of time out of getting ready or spend more time on my eye makeup.

So of course I’ve been keeping an eye out for new options to add to my closet. I never know when or where I will find something that is perfect, close to perfect, or something I think might be perfect and then realize has that horrible new high/low hem.

Seriously? Why?


I’ve found some really cute skirts which were almost ooh worthy only to find that they have that stupid hem.  I highly doubt they will stay in fashion more than one season though now that I said it they will probably stick around like the low rise skinny jeans that make pretty much everyone look horrible.

I whole heartedly understand that they are trendy. I have been there done that with trendy hemlines. Anyone else remember the horizonal shirts from a few years ago? I had a great one that was fall colored and I wore it all the time until I was the only one wearing a shirt with a big point on one side.

That is when I seriously considered re-hemming it.  Sometimes you just don’t want to give something up because it is just that comfy or cute.  I rocked the Jnco jeans back in the day and when it was no longer cool to wear pants w leg bottoms bigger than your head I cut them. Awesome cut-off short that looked good and were super comfy = DONE!

So now with all these high/low hem skirts and dressed I wonder how many women will be breaking out the sewing machines or finding someone that has one and rehemming a skirt next summer. If it is THAT cute it will work but if it ends up a micro mini will it? It’s hit or miss especially if it is too high.  I’m not against short skirts because I’ve rocked many of them but if you end up looking like you are wearing a skirt for a middle schooler, I think you need to rethink your wardrobe choices.


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: High Low Hems Gotta Go

  1. I’m not gonna lie…I kinda love the high/ low hems. I don’t really like the extreme ones, but the more subtle hem lines? I’m on board. I so like the term “mullet skirt” though!

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