Fashion Friday: Almost Summer means time to get dressed up!

I decided that before Mother Nature decided to throw a wrench in my plans I would try to be outside as much as possible. For the past week or so I’m happy that that was reality: gardening, grilling ok, that was Darth Husband but I did eat it, cracking open the very first Abita Strawberry Harvest of the season, standing on the front porch when the evening air begins to cool but the pavement is still warm, realizing I need a serious overhaul of my summer wardrobe…

Yeah, that’s not fun.

I deliberately use the word overhaul since this definition from works perfectly: “to investigate or examine thoroughly for repair or revision.” While I know there are things that I can just donate, I don’t want to do so without a plan on how to fill the gaps. There is that fine line of if I am not wearing something due to it not fitting right or if I just don’t like it anymore.

Let’s add the “does it still work with the view I have of myself/for myself “style wise as well. It is important for me to feel comfortable in the clothes I am wearing but also to feel good about the image I am projecting. Don’t get me wrong, I have some crazy outfits like the old AFI tshirt from when they were punk and the star print shorts I’m wearing now that I wear around the house. I am an artist so clothes is another creative outlet as well.

One of my go-to staples, especially if it is hot and humid and by that I mean Chicago hot and humid which is a gross sticky, is a sundress. Big shock, right? Pretty much every fashion site/magazine/blog/advertisement has this aspect covered! Exactly why it is a staple – accessible, affordable, and yet possible to splurge on something slightly out of the normal price range without it being painful.

I have had success for years with clothing from Roxy so the Quicksilver dresses below are definitely on the watchlist which means watch for sales and scour outlet malls or save up since they are above my normal dress threshold. There is something about them that makes me stop and literally go OOOH! Now, I just would have to see it that continues or I end up laughing in the dressing room. Laughing helps except when you are laughing so hard that you get stuck in something which hasn’t never happened in awhile.

Sundresses 2012

Quiksilver open back maxi dress
$56 –

Quiksilver print dress
$80 –

Quiksilver vintage day dress
$70 –

Cacharel red sun dress
$710 –

Sun dress
$85 –

Hobbs white day dress
£119 –

One thought on “Fashion Friday: Almost Summer means time to get dressed up!

  1. For once in my life, have two sun dresses! It’s a baby of a milestone for me and I love them 🙂 This happened because I am a little less self-conscious about my body and starting to kick the wearing-long-jeans-throughout-summer thing.

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