Days of Dirt, Mulch, and Broken Fingernails

I have been on a gardening kick lately. (My poor fingernails are taking a beating.) While, I know it probably was from throwing my plan out into the universe, I know a recent conversation with Darth Husband really hit the nail on the head. I was looking at the entire thing and focusing on the end result (a really awesome perfectly planned garden/flowerbeds/yard.) What I should really be doing is focusing on the smaller elements OF the larger picture since no matter how much I dream and wish, I do not have the time and energy and several grand to do it all as once.

Breaking it down into specific sections means I can check them off the main to-do list. I checked on section off that list today and it feels so good. A future plan is to eventually move a plant and maybe add one more but this isn’t something I have to do. Once the main list is all set, then I just need to figure out a follow-up routine so the weeds don’t take over.

While this is specifically for the yard, it’s pretty much an approach that works for anything and everything. It is so obvious but I too often forget this or focus on the too specific like cleaning out the junk drawer when the entire kitchen is a mess. Working out… start small.  Fancy cooking… start small. Knitting… start with a small stash of yarn.

Oh who am I kidding?!?!  Knitting stashes never starts small especially when you have a box of yarn in the unused bathtub.


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