The Kinda Sorta Return of Slow Cooker Sundays

Slow Cooker Sundays is usually something the CSYA household does during the winter. I say usually since there are many times I intend to set it up but then we decide on something else. However, if there is a Bears game there is a better chance that the crockpot is out. Since technically there is more to make than just chili and soup, I’m trying to start using it more. Plus when it gets really hot it will be a nice option for not turning on the oven.

Last weekend Darth Husband and I decided to try a new recipe.  I had looked at this one for Slow Cooker Chicken Paprikash several times before and had forgotten about it.  We ended up having soft shelled chicken tacos for dinner one night and the sour cream made me remember the recipe.

When I was a kid my mom used to roast chicken seasoned with paprika and so I had a feeling this would end up really good.  The recipe calls for Sweet Hungarian paprika but we had regular as in the label says paprika and it wasn’t expensive and smoked which came in a fancy glass bottle and was more than the regular. I figured it was best to opt for the smoked figuring the slow cooking would amp up the flavor.  (Plus the smell of  smoked paprika is amazing.)

In terms of the rest of the ingredients, everything was pretty close to the recipe. I ended up using the flat grater to shred the carrots so the pieces were a bit smaller than if I used the box grater but that is such a pain to clean. We had whole mushrooms which were cut but some pieces were a bit larger than the pre-packaged slices.  Truth be told, I could have easily put in the entire 16 oz package but decided it was best not to do that.

Since I slept in didn’t get everything in as fast as I initially planned, I risked the cooking process a bit and had it on high for a hour. I had no plan to keep it on high and so I did kick it back to low after giving it a few generous stirs. The higher temp cooked out some of the broth during that hour so I added the rest of the can that I had saved and didn’t make quinoa with it.  I left the crockpot to do its thang for about three hours.

I came home to this, which I had to immediately take an iPhone photo of before the bubbles disappeared.

I am so glad I didn’t leave it alone for any longer.  (Yes, there is no handle. The dishwasher ate the screw. I’m not joking. We need to fix it.)  When I checked on it the chicken was already starting to fall apart, which was good because it was getting close to our planned dinner time.  After kicking it back on high for almost another hour, it was time to add the sour cream. It worked perfectly over penne pasta.

Next time we are thinking to try adding corn and serving it over egg noodles.  I used the big crockpot this time (7 qt) so I think I’d scale down and use the mid-range one. I  can’t remember the specifics but I want to say around a 3 qt.  This would give us a decent amount for dinner but less leftovers.  While some got eaten, there was a lot of “sauce” left. I think that was prob a mix of the change in cooking time and the adding the approximately 1/4 cup of extra broth.

This one has been added to an actual recipe card, with both the source and my modifications included, and is now in the recipe box. We both liked it to the point where we had seconds which is always a good sign.

If you are interested in future Slow Cooker Sundays, I will most likely tweet something the day I actually make it and follow it up with a post here the following Sunday.  (Worse case sitch, it’ll be up in two weeks.)

Music for this post: my Mike & the Mechanics station on Pandora.


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