Keep It, Kill It, Move It, Remove It: Gardening 2012

Normally May is when I start to think about the garden and the imposing doom of future plant chaos. This year, due to the unusual warm spell, everything is several weeks ahead. Everything, that is, except me. I have a plan this year and I really hope it ends up well. I enjoy working in the yard but there is always that point where I get a little behind and then it gets crazy. In an attempt to not get overwhelmed or rather not as fast, I am trying to first set things up as Keep It, Kill It, Move It, Remove It.

The prior owners of our house, especially the woman, were serious gardeners. We lucked out that they had a good amount of perennials including daffodils, hostas, sedum, phlox and hostas. We have a few rose bushes including one that wants to climb on the roof if we don’t keep an eye on it. There are a few tulips, one peach iris, and a clematis that have kept going as well. If we can split anything to move elsewhere, it will save us money and as long as it takes, it will be less stress in the future. I don’t like matchy matchy gardens but having the same elements here and there looks really nice.

Goutweed. Snow on the Mountain. Bishop’s Weed. I Hate You and I Want You to Go Away Plant. If anyone offers you this and you don’t want it to try to take over EVERYTHING, say NO!  The yearly attack on this plant is aggravating. I think it is a reason why my tulips never came back fully. This choked them out!

We also have wild violets that like to come back every year. While they are pretty, they can get HUGE and take over.

Tiger Lilies are one plant that do extremely well, sometimes too well.  I love the flowers so this puts them in the “move it” category.  If they don’t take, it isn’t that big of a deal since we have many many more to use for a second try.  I have a few places that need a pop of color and I think these bright orange flowers will work perfectly.

There is a section of our yard that is looking a bit Jurassic Park-ish with all the ferns so those will get thinned out and moved as well. Last year we even had one pop up in the grass though the little plastic dinosaur looked hilarious that was moved before it got really huge.  I never knew just how crazy big they would get. We had one last year that was almost hip height. It is safe to say that wherever they end up, they will work and eventually get moved again.

There is one shrub that you can find at our home as well as homes of family and friends, Rose of Sharon.  We have ones with pink, white, and purple-ish flowers. I love them all. What I don’t love is all the ity bity little trees shrubs that pop up.  I do keep some if I want to make a bit thicker hedge, if there is a gap needing to be filled, or to plant elsewhere. Otherwise they get pulled while they are small and I don’t fall over trying to pull one out.

Now I just need a weekend of nice weather or a few days when I have the energy in the evening to get going.  The first serious push will be a lot of work but it will totally be worth it.


2 thoughts on “Keep It, Kill It, Move It, Remove It: Gardening 2012

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