That time I joined a gym

I recently did something I never thought I’d do. I joined a gym.

I know that oodles of people join gyms, go to gyms, intend to go to gyms, blah blah blah. I had been to a gym maybe twice… ever. I kept the cliche of grunting meatheads, bad music, and that funky funk in my head for a long time. I was happy with my group classes and had no interest in going. It worked so why change it, right?

Fast forward to about a month or so ago. A friend of mine joined a gym and I ended up going with her one day as her free guest. That visit changed my opinion of  gyms. While the grunting meathead cliches were there, they were either actually working out and not strutting around sending out telepathic “LOOK AT MEEEEE” messages. The music was decent top 40 stuff and there was no funk.  We worked out partially in the women’s section and partially in the main gym. Overall we  were there a little over an hour and I left happy.

Even though I woke up sore two days later since my body loves the delayed ouch mode, I decided I was going to give this a try.  It was a decent deal. If I absolutely hated it, I could cancel. For what I was paying a month I could easily go out for a nice dinner at a semi fancy restaurant (if I actually liked semi fancy restaurants.) I just had to decide when I wanted to sign up, ended up doing so a little earlier than planned due to a really clever ad, and followed up with a celebratory shake from McDonalds since this is how I roll.

I’m not joking about the shake. It was vanilla.

So now I am a mini plastic membership card tag carrying member of a large-scale gym. While I have no plans to quit my smaller studio for my Zumba classes, this is something I can add to my plan to get my butt in gear for my June 5k and fit in those grey jeans I love. I just have another option that isn’t specifically one day. If I am in the mood to go I can go and as long as I do go, I’m not wasting money or someone elses time.

My sister-in-law joined me the last time I was there and we had a good time.  It was nice since there was no comparison, no competition, and no stress. We each popped in our headphones and got to work though my ear buds insisted on falling out on the arc trainer. Over an hour later, we were headed home and that is where things hit a roadblock, make that two.

I was all geared up to get back to the gym.  I had my clothes ready and made sure I had two of the same wicking socks. Then I ended up with giant blisters on the back of both heels from a pair of boots.  I actually ended up having to get the bandaids specifically for blisters so I could walk.  If I couldn’t walk normally, going to the gym was definitely out. Then I got sick. If I was stuck in bed, going to the gym, again, was definitely out.

While I am not happy, I know that I made the right decision for me.  The blisters would be extremely painful if they broke open and then I’d be risking delayed healing or worst case, an infection. If I am sick, the last thing I’m thinking about is working out. I need extra sleep, extra rest in general, and even more tea that I normally drink. I don’t want it to get worse or not go away. I had to deal with that over the winter when a cold turned into something worse and I was sick for way too long.

So the key word here is roadblock and not wall.  Every day I feel a bit closer to normal and every day the blisters are healing. I know that it won’t be long til I get back there. At least now I can actually put together a decent playlist.

Sorry AC/DC, I love you but you don’t work for a full trip to the gym.

Music for this post: Walk Off the Earth’s cover of Cheers(Drink to that) — (on repeat) 


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