APY60 yoga: What’s the deal with the deal?

Darth Husband and I  use Groupon when there is a good deal. A ways back, he found a yoga related one that he thought I might be interested in getting.  I have done yoga on and off for over ten years. When I’m not actually taking classes or doing DVDs, I try to keep up with stretching. I’m up for trying something new regarding it as long as it doesn’t include 90+ degree temperatures. (Working out in hot hot  hot temperatures leads to me feeling ill.)

The deal was APY60 for $49 which is a deal since the yoga program is much more normally. I thought it was just yoga until I read more about it being a program. Hmmm. Is this what I first expected? Nope. So I googled and looked for reviews. Since it was so new the reviews I found seemed like free copy reviews especially ones with a coupon code. Since I don’t know anything about the sites, I don’t know how they are with reviews. Sadly there are people out there that give glowing reviews when they get free stuff. HOWEVER there are honest reviews out there as well.

I waited and waited and waited. There was some issues with number of orders or filling the orders so it took a bit longer than I had anticipated. Ok, fine whatever. No big deal. I had a plan for February (veggie month) and so I decided to do this as my March challenge. Then the box came.

CUE THE HAPPY DANCING…sorta. More like cue the cat trying to steal the inspirational bracelets.

He took one and ran away. I got it before I had to pick up ity bity rubber bits covered in cat spit. (Cat momma: 1, Frankie: 0.) Then I read through the books, meal plan and what not. Then I put it all back in the box and forgot about it. Actually, it sat on the kitchen table for quite some time. Then it was moved to a chair since Frankie insisted on sleeping on it. THEN it was moved elsewhere and forgotten.

My excitement was short lived after seeing how restrictive the meal plan was and how expensive it would be to start this plan.  While I have limited specific food intake (veggie month) and have removed things from my diet to see if they were causing me problems (peanuts), it was never this extreme. While other people might think I’m crazy for calling it this, that is how it hit me. Plus cutting things so drastically puts me at risk for my migraines.

I “found” the box again recently and am debating giving it a modified try.  I cannot give an honest review of the program however since I won’t be following the meal plan part (though I didn’t find it that much of a plan since I usually think of specific meal ideas for all the days to be included not a series of recipes and ideas of how to put others together.) I would be trying the yoga portion.

Do you think a partial review of a fitness program is a real review? Do you think it would be beneficial for others?

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One thought on “APY60 yoga: What’s the deal with the deal?

  1. I totally think it could be a benefit. In all honesty, I think most people would be hesitant to do something so drastic. Or even be able to commit to both a meal plan AND a fitness routine at the same time. Most I talk to do one or the other – so the yoga-only review would be beneficial, in my opinion.

    (PS – My cats love those rubber bracelets too! lol)

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