3 Things: You look a little green

Being the proud owner of an original Caboodle, it is safe to say I am a fan of makeup, nail polish and the sort.  I have recently jumped headfirst started reading more beauty bloggers. While I do not plan to become one, I wanted to add a bit of it here on CSYA:  3 Things (one owned and loved, two on the wish list.)

One of these things aren’t like the other. One of these things belong to me.

green beauty

The Have-it: 1. Essie in Pretty Edgy
I had been searching for a green nail polish for awhile. I wanted green. I didn’t want mint, teal, seafoam, forest, or army. I wanted green green.  I was torn between this and a green by China Glaze.  When I asked the clerk in Ulta which she preferred, I got one word answers to all my questions. Essie. Essie. Essie. I do like China Glaze however I am very happy with my color choice. (The CG had more of a spring green element to it.) I am officially part of the Essie fan club now since I am extremely hard on nail polish and this held up well. I got a lot of compliments when I wore it too. Wearing clover green polish right around St. Patrick’s Day will have that be the case. I just like green and wasn’t wearing it to not get pinched.

The Want-It: 2. Urban Decay eyeliner
This color is technically “Acid Rain” in their liquid liner which I cannot find online but something close would be perfect. They have a few colors that I think would look great with a gold/tan shimmer based eyes shadow for summer. I have hooded eyes that really love to crease eyeshadow (with or without a primer when it is warm) and so adding a pop of color with a liner and a more neutral base works extremely well for me.

The Want-It: 3. Lancôme Color Design eye shadow in Personal Style
I like this green because it is more spring green than lime or neon green. While I do have an extremely bright, but not neon, green, it doesn’t work well at times. I think this shade would really work. I have worn numerous eye shadows from Lancôme over the years. I really like that I can get almost three colors out of one of their colors depending on how much I layer and how I apply it.

The Final Verdict:
Since both of my “Want-It”s are on the higher end of my cosmetic scale, I plan to wait rather than running out to get them. I know they are worth the money but there is always the chance for a sale opportunity or one of my favorite phrases when shopping for cosmetics, “free gift with purchase.”


4 thoughts on “3 Things: You look a little green

  1. I have hooded eyes too and had really bad creasing no matter how many types of freaking eyelid primer I tried until I found the Holy Grail of them… Nars Eyeshadow Base (http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P261211&om_mmc=esv103264-GG&om_kwpur=337993130&ppc_crid=8264827577&sbanner=us_search&esvcid=S1333722312_ADOGOB_AGI3733660_CRE8264827577_TID337993130_RFDd3d3Lmdvb2dsZS5jb20%3d) .

    Life changing! I can even shower and not have the shadow melt off. It’s a little expensive but worth it!

  2. Great choices! I love that Essie color. I just got a fantastic green shadow from the Bare Minerals Ready line called The Scenic Route. The green is great on its own, but has a lovely white/cream shade with it too. They both work really well with the Naked 2 palette. 🙂

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