So that time at Zumba when she played Nickelback…

It was actually pretty awesome.

While I am not part of the “Nickelback is the worst band ever” camp or maybe it’s Creed though I think it should be Rush, I’ve never been a huge fan. Maybe I have a CD but at the same time I have so many that have been kept in storage tubs I forget what I do own. I have a tendency to get hooked on songs with a decent beat, and by beat I usually mean drumbeat.

So this was the song she kicked out butts to recently, When We Stand Together

So take the beat. Got it? Ok, then add squats to it. No, not quite, lower squat. Got it. Don’t forget slow squats too. Mix in those wide step out jumps when you land one foot then the other. (Liking my technical terms yet?) Throw in those hatchet chop/standing crunches with some “wheels on the bus” hand/arm movements. Add a bunch of other stuff and you are done!

Clearly this isn’t the exact routine since I don’t want to post routines online. It was fun and I forgot how hard I was doing some of the chop crunches. I felt it the next day though it was probably from the entire class.  Even through my minor ouch-ing, I was still happy.

One thing I love more and more about the studio is that they play a variety of music. During one class, JLo might be followed by Flo Rida followed by a latin song. I find myself doing routines when I hear one of the songs on the radio. Luckily that has happened at home and my toaster doesn’t care if I am doing side lunges and if it did I would be terrified.

If you take group classes, do they stick with a certain style or do they mix it up as well?


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