If Packing for Spring Break was Neccessary

Oh Spring Break, you are back to haunt me exist…. sorta. I know March/April is Spring Break season since this is when all the airlines jack up their fares so the masses can join the other masses in a different place where there are even MORE masses of people. While that is a silly sentence, it makes sense in that Spring Break means going somewhere when EVERYONE else and their screechy/obnoxious/crying/drunk/”pick a cliché not listed” friend x 15 is also going. I’ve clearly watched too many late 80s/early 90s teen movies.

I never went on a trip during Spring Break probably due to the crazy airline prices and whatever other reasons made sense at the time. College was a long time ago… well not that long but long enough. All snark aside, I’m not anti-trips especially if we are talking somewhere warm. I just want to be able to relax if I’m on a beach before I look like a lobster, wander about the area hunting down various shops that often sell yarn, restaurants and places that sell cupcakes, and find something historical or cultural as well.

One thing though pertaining to Spring Break that I do love though is the sales and the surplus of cute clothes that appear about this time. While I don’t need to purchase another bathing suit though Target has a ton of adorable ones out, I like putting together trip outfits.

IF I had to pack to head out of town for a week though, this could appear in my bag and I wouldn’t complain. The TOMS would just need to be a bit “small” since I hear these run big.

I've got the Spring blues

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