Cooler temperatures means I’m back to being a pet bed

I’m typing over the cat who is sprawled across my lap… again.   My feet are half off the couch because of the dog who prefers to take the majority of the couch… again.  Realistically I don’t care since it has been below 75 for the past few days. While I didn’t mind our mini time travel style break into summer, I really don’t mind having an actual Spring. Last year we had Snowmageddon. This year I didn’t have to dig out of waist deep snow drifts.

See. Photo proof… missing a yardstick for actual height verification but believe me. It wasn’t pleasant.  I will take mid-summer temps for a few days in March over dangerous snow any day.

The warmer weather did give me a kick that I was expecting later.  Warmer temps means the garden starts taking over coming back. I can walk around barefoot and drive Darth Husband crazy by doing so. It’s only around the house/yard though since wandering everywhere else would just be odd. I start planning out what veggies and herbs will be added to the norms of tomatoes, bell peppers, and basil.

It’s a good feeling over all. I’m starting other plans to get my butt even more in gear (possibly joining a gym,) getting my frivolous spending in check (an upcoming month challenge,) and focusing on how I can balance out my knitting (still same work in progress  aka WIP) with my general crafting (too many great idea on Pinterest.)

Music for this post: Florence + the Machine


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