Battling the Shoe Box Monster

Recently I must have recycled a good dozen shoe boxes. Maybe they aren’t all were complete boxes and most were on their last leg. It was like a mini half-flattened lid party in the back though unlike the mullet it wasn’t much business in the front either.

I’ve been wanting to totally reorganize my closet for ages, years even. I mean seriously redo like new cute colored bins and some sort of nice shoe rack to be used for the snap-lid boxes since this protects the shoes from random kitty closet invasion. Then I looked at how much this would actually cost. EEK! I couldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on just baskets, bins and whatnot. True, I lucked out that the people before us put in the white fiberboard closet systems. One drawer is completly broken but for the most part it has held up well. Who needs three working drawers right? Having to pull two out at a time makes perfect sense. Hmmm. So I started waiting and buying random bits and pieces from dollar stores, the at least $50 spent store Target, and where ever else.

So I ended up with the stuff but not the motivation to actually get it done, and by done I mean seriously done.  I know some people can force themselves to do massive organizing and make a pretty little check mark on their to-do list. Whether it is an actual list ,which is rare, or a mental list, which is more common, I might not get to a full check mark.  Sometimes it is the little part. Sometimes it is the bigger part.

This time it was the bigger part. The morning I woke up bitten by the cleaning/organizing bug I decided to run with it. I wasn’t fighting a cold/plague, wasn’t exhausted, and had the full day to work/rest/work. One thing I do know is if I do too much at too fast of a pace I’ll get a doozy of a head cold.  As silly as it sounds, it always happens. Darth Husband was out of the house helping a friend move so I had the house all to myself as I created a fort of misc stuff, junk, and clothing. I am a firm believer that sometimes small amounts mid-process chaos is therapeutic. Too much ends up creating too much work at the end though.

Overall I am quite happy with the progress. I know a response could be “whoop-dee-doo” but this one change has really helped me out. I am not a morning person at all and having to not deal with a cardboard avalanches especially if I’m rushing has really helped.  One step is done. Now I need to figure out if it is worth trying to fix the drawer again or just figuring out a new plan for that section so I can add new shoes.


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