Adventures in Zumba-ing: Getting back on track

As I had mentioned before, I’ve found a Zumba class that works for me.  I come home a gross sweaty mess but with a huge smile on my face since I’m finally getting the level of workout that I’ve been needing.  If I can’t give it 100% for whatever reason (once time because if I put in too much bounce my scary cough started) or if I want to push myself to my limits for a song (to dance out frustration about something,) I can.

I’m learning from it all. I’m not at all where I was before cardio wise. I used to go to two or three classes a week several years ago. I’m definitely not there right now but I accept this and take it as a challenge. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve taken years of dance classes back in the day and so I truly enjoy the dancing part of Zumba. There is one step that is really quick and I can get it or I think I can for part of a routine. It is a mini-victory that makes me happy.

Being happy is important too because if I don’t enjoy it, I’m not going to stick with it. I’m being completely honest. I totally understand it takes awhile for something to be a habit or my body to get used to a fitness routine but if I genuinely hate it, no deal. It’s like listening to Rush. No deal. I will stop mid-whatever and change the station.

Music for this post: random via iTunes (NO RUSH!) & Molly complaining if I stop petting her since she wants to go outside again for the umpteenth time only to get let back in because they are barking at anything and everything today


One thought on “Adventures in Zumba-ing: Getting back on track

  1. I totally hear you on the enjoyment part. The yoga class I signed up for is SOOOOO SLOOOOOWWWWW and it KILLS me to go to it. This week I skipped. Partly because I couldn’t handle sitting in a room for an hour and a half only doing a half-workout. And partly because I wanted to talk to my honey. #Priorities. I got ’em. 😉

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