Walk! Color! Walk!

Last year I didn’t participate in any sort of run or run/walk. I had planned to but realistically I needed more than just plan. This year I wanted to change that and registered for my first 5k – The Color Run.

I learned about it via someone I met via Stina at my first 5k.  Basically you end up looking like you got thrown up on by a clown  or  sneezed on by a Sprite. It sounds gross and yet amazingly hilarious at the same time.  I was all ready to get working on being able to run it.

I put the word out and waited.  I actually didn’t need to wait because people were interested in joining me right away.  One person got looped in and then another. It was like a pre-run version of tag with people just being mentioned and not really asked.  Kelly saw my tweet about it and she’s coming down from WI too! It all worked out and we have our team.

Thing is, no matter how much I mentioned before of wanting to run, we (as in the IL people) aren’t running it.  One of the team members can’t run (and has the surgical scars to back her up) but wanted to do this. Since I actually have two 5ks planned for the same weekend, this works for me!  The main focus of this 5k, or so it seems on their site, is to have a fun time. So our team, which is a mix of family and friends, will be a laughing mess at the end.

It will totally be worth it. I just hope I don’t have to be purple-ish the next day. If you see anyone with Awesome Waffles Don’t Fall Down on a shirt, that is us!

Music for this post: Lacuna Coil 


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