Cue end of Veggie-dom

It’s March which means we are “done” with eating and/or trying to eat vegetarian for a month in the CSYA household. There were a few meh moments but overall I’m glad we did this.

A few of the good:

  • I love chickpeas and adding them to almost anything was easy for me.
  • Mushrooms and bell peppers eaten constantly to begin means having them as the bulk of a dish wasn’t that big of a deal.
  • Grocery shopping led to more meal planning based purchases. (While fresh produce can be frozen, we generally don’t and so wanted to eat it before it went bad.)
  • Spanish & cheese stuffed poblano pepper will be repeated in the house.
  • My stomach was less cranky at times with dishes sans meat.
  • I’ve gotten much faster at cutting veggies.
  • We ate less take-out/restaurant food = saved $.
  • I got a chance to cook more.

A few of the meh:

  • I had wanted to get vegetarian cookbooks but we ended up modifying the majority of the recipes we usually make.
  • I read eating vegetarian meals will lead to weight loss. Good thing this was not my goal because I have no significant change since the end of January.
  • A frustrating experience trying to get Panda Express sans meat and the employee looking at me like I was crazy and then me getting a horrible meal.
  • More stove-top based meals meant more prep time in the kitchen, more dishes to wash, and more time overall.
  • More kitchen time meant less time elsewhere including blogging, reading and knitting.
  • Darth Husband isn’t a fan of tofurkey sausage.
  • I never made the tempeh dishes and now have two packages in my fridge which will probably be there awhile.

I don’t know if I will have a designated veggie month again. We intentionally kept it veggie for the most part minus Super Bowl Sunday, our anniversary and a day that I had a hard day and really wanted a cheeseburger and onion rings. There were probably a bit here and there as well. I did learn buying canned soup that just because it says vegetable doesn’t mean there isn’t chicken stock involved.  As I had said before, this wasn’t a lifestyle change for us but I know it will influence our future eating.


2 thoughts on “Cue end of Veggie-dom

  1. Interesting observations!

    I think, when you keep up eating more vegetable-based meals, the planning gets easier. I definitely hear you on the “more prep time in the kitchen, more dishes to wash, and more time overall”, I probably spend at least an hour cooking dinner every night, which is easier for me on a teacher’s schedule, but still a little frustrating sometimes.

    Regarding the weight loss: when I first eliminated my meat consumption by half in 2009, I actually gained weight. I replaced my basic sandwiches with huge plates of pasta. Since then I’ve gotten a handle on portions, but being vegetarian isn’t neither guaranteed to be healthy or a weight loss solution. It can be, but only if done really carefully.

    Glad you enjoyed overall!

  2. I think the time it takes in the kitchen is part of the learning curve. Now that I’ve added meat back to my diet, I find that I spend more time preparing and cooking meat than I ever did as a veggie. But I think that is because I knew my ingredients really well and had meals that I knew by heart that were easy to put out.

    Good for you for following through on your veggie month. You learned some interesting things that I’m sure will follow with you!

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