Holy Shhhhh… Now what do we have here?

I had stopped my last Zumba search back in December. It didn’t quite end on the high note I had hoped for but thinking of it all as an adventure helps.  While I had planned to try some new classes in January, it was a better idea to wait til I could breathe/hear/walk without being dizzy. I know some people work out when sick but that never works for me.

Last week I decided that if the soreness  went away from swinging my friend’s 3 yr old like a bell (picture it like a kettle bell swing combined with a squat) over and over again (which he LOVED) during the Super Bowl I was going to check out a new class.  It went away within a little over a day since he wasn’t that heavy, I did remind myself to bend my knees, and they were spaced out. I just have a feeling that the bell deal will be ressurrected the next time I see him. He’s a good kid so I really don’t mind and most likely I’ll be ready for it.

I decided to check out one of the more “mom and pop” non-chain places this time. While I’m not against chains nor can I really given an honest review since I’ve never had a membership to one, what I really liked about this place is you can pay per class.  If you want to sign up for a series of classes that is possible too. I really like having this option since then there is no locked-in timeline.

I had three goals/hopes in mind: good instructor that I could connect with, routine that was challenging but able to be scaled back if needed, and good music. I think all is important especially the last since the last class included Elvis. Sorry to THE King, you don’t make me want to work out. I had emailed the place asking about the class so I was pretty sure I was going to get two out of the three.

After being quite nervous when I got there, I got myself settled. It was mostly due to the where do I go, how do I pay, mixed in with that people semed to already know each other. Basically it was “new kid in class” in a fitness setting. I’ve read about how people get annoyed where their spot is taken etc so I did my best to ask if people wanted to swap spaces etc with me. No problems at all with that other than there were MIRRORS. I totally forgot how awkward I feel taking classes with a wall of mirrors.

Luckily, the instructor ended up amazing and I stopped watching myself and kept an eye on her feet. I’ve found that when I’m learning any sort of new routine, be it class based or DVD based, if I can figure out the footwork first then I’m in a good place. Maybe it has something to do with my taking dance classes as a kid. Arms movements, jumps and what not can get mastered later since if I can get myself anchored (even if moving) I’m not stumbling. Stumbling is much more problematic and frustrating to me. Think of it like country line dancing (not something I do often but I have in the past) and you being the only person turning/facing the wrong way and having to spin about to get going in the right way.

Here is where the “Holy sh…..” kicks in. I started the class at the intensity level I had back in December and before. BAD idea. I was keeping up but it was much more detailed (for lack of a better word)  in terms of routines and I became a sweaty mess about 15 mins into the class. I realized that I needed to scale back, grabbed some water, and slowed down and/or lowered my intensity level depending on what the routine included.  GOOD idea. I didn’t want to hurt myself or pass out. THAT would have been mortifying.

Overall this was the best class I have had in years. I made sure that I told the instructor as well as the owner. (I think too often people complain when things are bad/wrong.) I had a great workout, realized my cardio level is definitely lacking but that I can get it back to where I want it to be, and will be going back. When I got home I was talking a mile a minute and Darth Husband had to let me know because I had no idea. I was just that happy.

I am really looking forward to next week and knock-on-laptop hopefully everything will work out that I can make it. I just need to make sure I bring a larger water bottle and wear one of my sport tanks. I had a tshirt on with my workout capris. Capris are my go-to bottoms for working out as long as it isn’t outside (depending on the temperature.)  I got used to wearing tshirts to the prior class since it was always slightly on the cold side. Since I didn’t know with the new place, I just defaulted.  The room was a good temperature when first entered so I know it will be fine. I’ll prob end up wearing a zip hoodie for the warm up but then I can throw it by my bottle.

Have you taken a class lately that made you exceptionally happy?

Music for this post: Skrillex + misc remixed songs via YouTube


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