His Name is Not Warren

There is a scene in Empire Records (one of my all time favorite movies but the real/actual version since it is much better than the Remix Special Fan Edition) when Warren is caught stealing.

Lucas: Rap… metal… rap… metal… And Whitney Houston.
Warren: It’s for my girlfriend, okay?

I find myself using it in various situations… in my head of course since wandering about muttering “rap… metal… rap… metal… Whitney Houston” would weird out people even more than my cat muttering. Basically I see it either as a random element thrown in the mix or deliberately trying to shake things up.  The latter is how the last week has been.

One of the more common responses I’ve gotten about going “vegetarian” was how easy it would be and that is the truth.  There are a lot of the elements with umami that we have already have incorporated in our meals. (Interesting NPR article about it – now I need to listen to the podcast.)  We usually have tomatoes and mushrooms in the fridge and often several kinds of one or both. That was easy and honestly not that big of a deal. I ended up getting a bit more tofu and tempeh than usual and picked up some Tofurkey sausage. Everything else was things that we usually buy.

While it wasn’t planned, we ended up doing a massive cabinet/pantry clean out at the beginning of the month. It was needed especially since we don’t need to buy sprinkles for a long long long time we had some things in multiples. There were a few things I had forgotten about in the spice section in terms of mixes/rubs.  These will work with the tofu since the way I usually make it is oil + season rub + baked in the oven. Darth Husband is new to tofu and so I think having something more than plain baked tofu might help.

Health wise I cannot honestly judge since I am finally (fingers crossed) over the plague. After doing every single home remedy except for soaking my feet and taking OTC cold meds, I went to the doctor. What I thought to be a horrendous head cold ended up a sinus infection needing three prescriptions. It messed up my hearing too for over a week which was NOT fun and quite disorienting. Luckily it was only temporary.

Since this menu plan is temporary, I used the quotes with “vegetarian” since I’m not quite sure how I want to refer to it. I’m giving myself an out if needed depending on the circumstances. Super Bowl Sunday for example was meatless for everything minus dinner. Our friend makes an amazing steak chili for Super Bowl and I wasn’t going to miss it. Coming home to a broken furnace (Midwestern winter without HEAT is not fun even if it is a warmer winter) and sticking to the veggie plan was my balance to that.  The only other was using up leftover tomato sauce from chicken meatballs that we brought to the party that had chicken broth in it.

Two things out of a week of meals is a good deal for me. (So is finding not one but two cupcake trucks AND a donut truck in the same week.) The next plan of attack is finding a specific recipe and trying that since we have been altering things we already make. I do plan on starting small if it is something way different though I have found some amazing recipes. The latest Woman’s Day has some that look really good too. I just need to get some artichoke hearts.

Mmmmm, artichokes.

Music for the post: Deadmau5


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