29 Days of Being Vegetarian

I first wanted to title this post “A Month of Vegetarian Eating” but realized it could be seen as a month of eating vegetarians since I clearly read/watch too much zombie stuff. Nontheless, February is veggie month for the CSYA household. Darth Husband actually had the idea weeks ago.

This isn’t a lifestyle/permanent change. The plan is to eat vegetarian and as a result learn more recipes that can be incorporated into our usual everyday meals. When he mentioned it to me, I thought it was a great idea. There is a lot that we can learn.

While I don’t consider myself a vegetarian, I eat meatless meals all the time. However if I am eating a chickpea/veggie stirfry for lunch, there is a good chance I’m following up with a burger for dinner. There were two people who I knew could help us, Emily and Kristin. I emailed them explaining the plan as well as asking for book recommendations. Since we spent a weekend together (or a second weekend in Emily’s case) for the Healthy Living Summit back in August,  I knew I’d get honest input from my roomies.

The key is figuring out how to balance everything this month so we get all the nutrients we need. I have read about people not including enough of one thing or another and it having negative results. This is definitely NOT what we want to accomplish.

One night I ended up googling “vegetarian” and was a bit overwhelmed. After a bit of searching I found Vegetarian Times which had a nice starter kit PDF. I’m reading the actual site as well since this is based on a magazine. Plus I am a fan of sites that are tied to magazines since I am an on/off subscriber person.

Overall, this will be part learning experience, part challenge (though I don’t think it will be extreme) and a chance to free our food processor from the back of the overflow closet (where the semi-forgotten lesser used items are stored.)


4 thoughts on “29 Days of Being Vegetarian

  1. I have about half a dozen issues of vegetarian times at my house. (My mom randomly has a subscription, and usually gives them to me.) You’re welcome to them before they hit the recycling bin.

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