Oh dear, here comes the positive peer pressure

I’ve been part of one blog community or another for over three years now. While I could go on and on about all the aspects and my response to them, that is a topic for another day. The knitty nitty gritty of it all is the people. Honestly though, you must have some sort of connection to read a post of to have random twitter exchanges that eventually become the norm. Add a conference here and there and you have a good mix.

My mix has a lot of runners. I was a runner… well semi runner. I intended to run. I signed up for a 5k, barely trained for it yet really intended to do so and still managed to finish with a 43:07 as a run/walk. I walk quite a bit in general (over 12 miles a week) so the walking was probably faster than I could run at times but oh well. All in the past. Now I’m reworking it again – “newbie runner who fell off the bandwagon and decided to run after it again” as listed in my current “About” in bullet list form. (It’ll change again eventually.)

I didn’t run last year. Every time I wanted to run there were either something going on event wise, horrible weather, or I wasn’t feeling well. Could I have figured something out? Of course. Did I? No. There were things that were stressing me out and I zoned out to deal rather than running it out. Either way it helped me but in long run (pun intended) running probably would have been a better option. I wouldn’t be starting over from scratch and that is how I see it.  I cannot run around the block without stopping, I’m starting over.

Running was a back burner thought lately since I’ve been wanting to get back with a more constant yoga routine that incorporates my usual basic stretching but goes much further than that. I tried Zumba and am back on the search for a class that works. Basically running would come to mind in about April or so like it normally does.

Yeah that didn’t work. Like I mentioned earlier, I have friends that are runners. Some are long distance, some run trails and impress me with day long team relay races. Some have cats. tea issues, and at least twice a week phone conversations (via text since I’m more of a text talker than talk talker)… ok maybe one.

This one.

Me (left) with Jess at Healthy Living Summit 2010

Jess and I got on the topic of the Marine Half Marathon this September. In my head cold induced haze (think of the scene from A Christmas Story where he blanks of about the bb gun and agrees to the football after thinking a moment… “football? what’s a football?”) I started considering jumping on a plane, flying to the east coast (or is it southeast? I’m not good with this east of Michigan terms!) and running a half marathon.

A half marathon means 13.1 miles. THIRTEEN POINT ONE. Time for a reality check (as Wrex N Effect pops into my head for some reason maybe since it was on an intended running playlist that never got played) and a moment to pause. This wasn’t something that is a quick train ride. There’d be a lot of  thought put into it in terms of planning and funding. There is training involved.  I cannot be impulsive.

I needed more input and that I did get. People thought I could do it. Dawn and Lauren weighed in, both positively, that it was doable. I alluded to them both earlier and since they are accomplished runners, I respect their input. Plus knowing the faces they would make it I slack off help too.

So the plan right now is not to slack off or rather to just start. I am planning a 5k in early summer. It is a run/walk so I’ll be less self-conscious and for a children/family based charity which is always inspiring. Will I do the half? I haven’t made that decision yet. It’s like cooking. I’m not looking to prepare a feast for eight right now. My focus is starting small like making everything end up ready at the same time or not forgetting the rolls which I know almost everyone has done once or twice.

Now where did I put the Garmin…


3 thoughts on “Oh dear, here comes the positive peer pressure

  1. muahahahahaha. 🙂 Love it. I totally think you can do it. And *I* can do it. We just have to put our minds to it and KEEP GOING.

    My training starts this weekend. For Real. Hold me to it. Cause I need you holding my feet to the fire as much as you need me doing the same 🙂

    I would love, love, LOVE if you came down for the run. But I’d love it still if I only got to see you at HLS. 🙂 ((hugs))

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