And the plague exits stage left…

Long weekends usually mean a mix of being extremely lazy (Hello Netflix and Hulu+), yelling at the dogs and the squirrels taunting them, laundry, intending to clean out the pantry, and laundry. There’s other stuff as well but those are usually the norm if you swap the pantry with some area of the house. This time I was sick, like in bed sick for the majority of the weekend.

I’m finally starting to feel better where my train of thought isn’t tissues, cough drop, sleeeeeeep,can’t breath, coughing please stop, sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep,whine whine whine. I’m a big baby when I’m sick and believe that whining, within reason, makes me feel better.  This time it was a bit scary since I haven’t had a cold this bad in a long time. Luckily I had Darth Husband here when I needed him. Kudos to anyone who lives alone.


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