Oh please go back to sleep…well now I need to wake up

When you are sick and can’t sleep you do crazy things like rethinking your entire to-do list for the day or puttering about on Twitter esp w the #zombiemoms hashtag. (No I am not pregnant nor planning, it’s just interesting and info gathering for whenever we do have a family as well as a nice timesuck when I’m trying to not wake up Darth Husband.) It got me thinking of when I actually post or writing – usually in the evening unless it is a weekend day. I’ve gotten to the point now where I also have more notes and half written posts going too. I think this is a good change and while I’m not planning to get rid of the ok-lets-go style posting since I am writing this in bed, still pj-ed (though it is an attempt to sit upright w the heating pad a bit to help me sound less like a frog this congestion.)

Since it is now time to fire up some tea since that is how my throat will feel or at least some warm water and get moving to get to the train I’ll leave you with the following poll for my fellow bloggers who are readers as well.


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