Just Call Me Classic Then

I’ve started reading up more on the current ipods and my eyes keep going back to the “classic” design.  I realized earlier that I’m going on about 3 years sans an iPod. While this isn’t something that I NEED right at this moment, I had my old one from back in ’04 (I think) for a long time and Binx served me well. Yes, I named the iPod after the “cat” in Hocus Pocus since when the setup asked me to name it that was what first came to mind. (As we all take a moment to go Amuck! Amuck! Amuck!)

What got me thinking of this was a discussion with The BFF about our local library and books in general including audio books.  Usually audio books were too slow for me pace wise.  I am a fast reader since the days of Babysitter’s Club  and Boxcar Children. I usually carry some sort of reading material for my commute even if I forget about it and start a small magazine collection in my bag. If I switch to audio books then that is less weight I need to carry with me every day. While it might be a minor amount lighter, it will help my right shoulder be less “crunchy.”  I’ve paid more attention to what I’ve been carrying the last month or so and that has helped. Ditto with taking magnesium almost daily. Plus this will force my mind to slow down when homebound in the evening and give my eyes a rest.

I generally don’t listen to too much talk radio yet podcasts intrigue me. I know they are nothing new and I used to listen to more ages ago and then just stopped. I honestly have no idea why. Most were knitting related (BIG SHOCK!) and I have kept the links. I just need to go back. I’m thinking perhaps to add podcast listening to dinner prep/cleanup. I’m trapped in the kitchen and as long as I don’t zone out and burn something worse than normal I’ll be fine.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, what would you recc I check out?

Music for this post: Sucker Punch Soundtrack


4 thoughts on “Just Call Me Classic Then

  1. I don’t do many podcasts, but I do like books on CD every once in a while. Especially ones that I can’t seem to get through reading normally. Like Omnivore’s Dilemma. Could NOT get past chapter one reading, but listened to it in a week or so.

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