Is This Really Motivation?

Since 2012 is brand new, I’ve started seeing “motivational” photos popping up. True, this isn’t new since there are tons of good and “bad” ones already online especially on the fantabulous timesuck that is Pinterest. This time it is a bit different.  It is older pictures of the person who has deemed themselves needing to get motivated.

I think this is a double-edged sword. True, this is the actual person. It is their body type, their bone structure, etc. It is sorta their metabolism (sort, and so I’ll get to this in a moment.) They aren’t photoshopping their head on someone else’s body and looking like some creepy cartoon.

However, it is the when that gets me thinking. What is a realistic gauge especially considering age? 5 years? 10 years? Does it make a difference if you are looking back at 25 from 30  vs looking at more like 10 years, even putting the person back in high school? Aging alters your metabolism too doesn’t it?

Personally, I would go back only a few years before some crazy times when stress took over. I was pretty active and went to classes pretty regularly (and could bust out a few decent real push-ups and some good balanced yoga poses.) Is it that big of a jump from where am I now? Nope. For me, that would work and it is something that I know once I get going I know I can do it. Being very early 30s and looking back to my late 20s isn’t that huge of a jump and way far from a decade jump. However, to someone else, this might not seem realistic.

Maybe I am over analyzing it (big shock right) but is it also setting the brass ring a bit too high or it is high enough? Let’s put it in running aspect for a different view. I am a newbie runner who fell off the wagon, ran after if a bit, then sat down until the dust cleared. I want to do a 5k again. I’m content with that now. Now wanting to run a 1/2 marathon is awesome but isn’t the best goal being able to run completely around the block first without stopping? Or is that long-term goal of running it the true brass ring?  (Honestly if I ever ran a long long distance race I’d cap it at a 1/2. I have no interest in a full.)

So as I asked in the very beginning: Is this really motivation? 

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One thought on “Is This Really Motivation?

  1. good question. I spent 3 years *thinking* about getting healthy before I actually did it. I think it’s a good start for someone to think “I want to get back to my high school weight,” but they have to realize it doesn’t happen overnight. It took me 2 years to get within 10 lbs of my early college weight (10 years after college), and this is probably as far as I’m going to go. And I’m ok with that. On the other hand, a client of mine has been working really hard for the last year to lose 40 lbs – and he’s back to his college weight, 20+ years later.

    I guess the thing I’d be most concerned with is this: 1.) Make sure they’re losing weight in a HEALTHY way. 2.) Realize that 120 lbs at 22 does NOT look the same as 120 lbs at 32. Your body changes. 3.) I wish people wouldn’t worry about the numbers – be healthy, be happy, be smart. And everything else will fall into place.

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