Farewell Eleven, Hello Twelve

I have always been on the fence with resolutions. Are they a plan to improve for the upcoming year or a sly way to chastise yourself for all your holidays ills? Are they too general to work or too specific to be more than nitpicky? Is the grass always greener on the other side of the fence?

Maybe it’s just the new CYSA that is a bit greener. Yes, I know, the philosophical blabberings above are just a ploy to unleash the new Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone post the revamp/reboot.  I felt it was time to evolve a bit. Ok maybe evolve isn’t the best word. Mutated? Meshed? Shuffled along and started falling back to doing the running man instead of that obnoxious Run DMC wannabe hamster dancing?

Basically, some of the old, some of the new and maybe a bit of the unexpected. This blog is a hobby and I don’t make any money from it so why not have fun with it. I’m not saying that I haven’t been having fun with it before. I have and my plan is for it to continue. There might be a bit more whine, wine, and society commentary/snark. There will definitely be more of my search for a fitness groove that actually works to motivate me to take the cat off my lap and do something as well as figuring out how to make some of my favorite tasty hodgepodge meals look more appetizing and less like cat barf, (or maybe it was dog barf?) as it has been compared to before by a certain husband.

Reboot talk aside, I am not planning to set specific resolutions. I’m sticking broad this year.

Be happy. Be healthy. Be wise. Be present. Be realistic. Be creative. Be brave.

Music for this post: Metric (acoustic)


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