A very fishy Christmas… outing

Darth Husband and I try to do something holiday-ish every year. Usually it has Christmas lights as part of it with driving around the neighborhood as the smaller scale or going downtown for a more major version. The downtown version usually includes a peppermint mochas or salted caramel hot chocolates. This time we decided to do something totally different, well at least for part of it.

Not that long ago we picked up the Groupon offer for two adult admissions to the Shedd Aquarium including the Jellies exhibit and their holiday show Fantasea. It ended up being only $20 for us to go which was a good deal plus it was an evening event so it would work better with our work schedules. I hadn’t been there since I was in grade school which was part of a field trip most likely.

While we had known there’d be traffic, we got stuck in some serious traffic including people going 10 mph under the speed limit for NO reason. It was disappointing that we’d miss the show but even with giving a good amount of extra time we arrived after it had started. However, they told us that it had sold out  (odd with it being a deal) but they gave us a voucher for two adult admissions for another show (fair deal and good business IMO.)

We wandered around looking at the various exhibits/tanks/confused inhabitants since the aquarium usually isn’t open that late. While talking to a staff member we found out that most areas have lights on timers and it then made sense why quite a few were quite dark.  Nonetheless, we were able to see a lot. Downstairs there is even more like the sharks, beluga whales, dolphins (viewing area) and penguins which always crack me up. If you picture a penguin going WAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOO as it zips past you they are even funnier. Yes I know I’ve seen Happy Feet too many times.

There was a decent line for the Jellies but the wait wasn’t horrible since we beat the crowd getting out of the Fantasea show.  I seriously could have stayed there for an hour if the flow of people wasn’t there.  The jellies were beautiful and so graceful.

We wandered a little bit after the exhibit and then had to head out since we had dinner reservations at Wildfire.  Both of us had never been there and thought that it would be a nice place to try for the end of our night.  We both ordered the Filet Medallion Trio – medium rare with peppercorn, horseradish and mushroom for him, well done with parmesan, mushroom and baked potato for me with sides of baked potato and roasted vegetables.

My steak

My side of roasted veggies that we shared

Darth Husband's giant baked potato that we shared

The food was excellent. The service was very good as well. Our waiter was attentive without being overkill and even asked if I was taking pictures for Facebook. When I told him it was for a blog, he asked the name even though I said it was a really small one and commented that it didn’t matter. I thought that was pretty cool.

I however didn’t get the full dining experience due to the combo of an earlier headache that refused to go away, the decision to wear a wool blend sweater (smart for the aquarium and REALLY stupid for a steakhouse) and sitting near the grills. If I get to warm I feel ill and lose my appetite which is really frustrating.  While I did pop outside and felt better, I ended up doggie bagging my leftovers (we fully paid for dinner so might as well.) Darth Husband loved Wildfire and I’m up to going again.  I’ll just be sure to go on a day sans headache, more appropriately attired and request a table as far from the grill as possible. Yes, I know it’s weird but if it will work and I can enjoy my steak fully, I’m all up for it!

Disclaimer: Aquarium admissions and dinner were completely paid out of pocket and we received no compensation towards either.


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