Cue the Electricity and Relax

While I enjoy various kinds of music, I find from time to time they all fall back to several categories: 80s/early 90s based pop rock, female fronted groups/solo acts with some sort of indie rock or ethereal element,  punk/ska, industrial, and electronic. It is almost like reverting back to my audio childhood and when something new reminds me of it I’ll find myself kicking the old back alongside the new.

The recent kickback has more of an electronic base. I can still remember when The Crystal Method & Filter’s “(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do” was played on repeat – ie rewinded the cassette tape that I had used to record the song off the radio. (Now I have the MP3.) The local record store used to call the house giving heads up when the latest Plastic Compilation was out. I never headed out to the raves but I knew people who did. I channeled my inner Acid Burn and Trinity. This kind of music almost totally carried me through four years of computer programming.

Now I do a lot of design work to electronic based music .(I say electronic based since there are so many subcategories that I would need to do proper research and there are many I do not know about that well.)  This is also music I enjoy hooping to as well. The bleep blip tempo kicks and changes work extremely well for stops etc.

By chance I was looking through hooping videos on YouTube and found this video of a hoop dance to Zed’s Dead remix of “Eyes on Fire” by Blue Foundation. I LOVE the remix.

I mean LOVE the remix to the point where I had to buy it and the MP3 has been on repeat numerous times since. When looking for the track dubstep mentions came up as part of the results. I had heard this before but in discussion mostly with a bit here and there. I was on more of an indie rock kick then so it was a “oh cool” and that was it for then. While I know referencing Wikipedia on any subject can lead to varying levels of truthdom, it gave me a good place to start.

The elements work well for me and my brain responds to it. By saying responds to it I see it as each element has some sort of reaction. Perhaps it is from my years of college radio but I can see the levels flicking in my mind and elements swirling together. (No I’m not on drugs. I never touched that stuff.)

So what I am taking as the dubstep elements have become a new way to reset, be it in the morning or the evening. It also seems to work extremely well on headphones when Darth Husband has the XBox running. I have added a dubstep station on Pandora and have been checking out Skrillex lately. He does various styles but that is included. I’ve read a little about him so far but mostly it’s listen and zone out or listen and hoop.

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