The final chapter in THIS Zumba saga

While the obvious comment about December would be that it brings the end of 2011, it also brings the end of my zumba class session. It’s been an adventure: being excited, being frustrated, and deciding to just roll with it. Deciding to roll with it ended up being the best option and while I didn’t end up with the class I had hoped for, I still had the experience.

For the most part, I think that I had gotten spoiled with my earlier (2008-ish) fitness classes. The majority clicked within the first few classes and I saw and felt results.  I had a set goal in my mind since  I was also preparing myself for the trip to Havasupai in Arizona.  We were going to be doing some serious hiking and I wanted to prepare myself as best as possible beforehand. I reached my goal and pushed myself harder than I thought possible both physically and mentally on that trip.

Afterwards, it was a mixmosh. My favorite class, which was a combo of stability ball, hand weights, and resistance bands, ended up getting discontinued due to low interest and them wanting to try new classes. I ended up bouncing around trying to find a new class that I enjoyed and had the results as I had with my favorite. While I enjoyed the majority of them, I never found that match. Taking on the win some, lose some mentality worked for awhile until our budget no longer allowed for classes. That was the case until this past class. The class was less than the others but my MiL offered to cover my Zumba class. She wanted me to get out there since she knew I missed classes and it was something we could do together.

I do not regret taking the class at all. It wasn’t what I had hoped but it taught me more about classes and what I want to do in the future. The instructor ended up talking to everyone more and more during class as well as afterwards. She listened and made changes to her routines so that it worked with the varying ability levels. I might have had to add an extra jump here and there but the people who couldn’t jump had a way to do it as well.

Basically, the level wasn’t what I needed and so I won’t be rejoining for the next session.  I’m back on the hunt for another class. This time I am seriously thinking that drop in classes might work well for me. With it being winter and Chicago supposedly to end up with another bad season, I think this should work. That way if I “miss” a class for whatever reason I am technically not completely missing it. True, it will be a break from routine but not a charge for nothing. It will be less motivating to not miss classes, it gives me a chance to try more than one class. If one sticks then I’ll stick with it. If it doesn’t, then I’ll move on.


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