Because they look like dead Tribbles and they are ugly

Darth Husband usually does not give hints or let me pick out any sort of presents. Usually there is some sort of funny element like the time he FIRST gave me a bag of fruit. THEN I got the fancy blender w the individual travel mugs AND the giant tank o’ spouted greatness. (The spouted tank of greatness worked extremely well once for margaritas and now lives in the cabinet. Travel mugs = great deal esp for oddball things blending mini batches of spaghetti sauces.) This year he broke tradition and I know somewhat about one gift.

I’m getting new slippers. WOOHOO! I needed new ones because my furry – yes furry, purple and white ones are worn out to the point where the base of the right one falls out. Before it falls out it is a combo move of slide back in, mash a bit, walk around until I end up w a quasi flipper and repeat. Darth Husband also thinks that they like dead Tribbles and they are ugly. I disagree but will wear them until the replacements arrive. I did the same thing w the prior slippers – the aqua blue ones w the beaded penguin couple (from Avon) that eventually started sliding off my feet only when I was on the stairs. Vengeful footwear is not fun!

In the summer I run amuck barefoot to the point where Darth Husband genuinely gets concerned that I’m going to have to pull rocks out of my feet. See, I LOOK for the rocks on the driveway and more times than not I’m fine.  However, when it starts getting cold out our floors get cold. (There are two areas in the house with carpet and by carpet I mean the tacked down carpet. We have area rugs and runners that the pets like to throw up on around the house.) Cue the slippers.

So this is the practical gift I’m guessing and my buying new pjs has solved the pj debate (grey/pink for one and blue for other) so that won’t be part. I grew up in a household where you gave hints and one of those hints always ended up true. Even with this being the 5th Christmas together, I still can’t get him to crack. He just has no idea what he is getting… unless he had discovered my hiding spots!

Does gift giving mean total surprises, hints accepted, or “here buy me this thing “for you? 


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