Guest post: Winter brews with A Girl & Her Mutt

Hello Can’t Survive On Yarn Alone Readers! My name is Erin and I’m hopping over to say hello from A Girl & Her Mutt. My blog is a mixture of my daily life, food adventures, wine sipping, beer drinking, and of course, the Mutt.

As winter in Boston starts to approach I am starting to see some of my favorite winter brews peaking out on shelves. Some are created specifically for the holidays to bring a little cheer and festive flavor. Others are year round brews that I especially enjoy while curled up under a blanket in front of my fireplace (heh. cheers to a fake fireplace!).

I thought I would share with you a few of the beers I will be ordering up while I’m out and about or keep in the fridge for those nights when I’m hunkering down to weather a snow storm.


The Perfect Winter 6-Pack

1. Troegs Mad Elf Ale
Belgian Strong Dark Ale/ABV 11%

This garnet red beer has a fruity taste, but still packs quite the punch. It has a great tart cherry flavor with some honey, spice, and a little banana thrown in there too. This is a full bodied beer that has the illusion of cough syrup, but without that nasty medicinal taste. Definitely a sipping beer and would be perfect as a drink while decorating the Christmas tree.

2. Great Divide Brewing Co. Hibernation Ale
Old Ale/8.7% ABV

This ale is the perfect combo of roasted nuts, dark fruits, and toffee. I love that it tastes like a really thick and solid beer. It has a great slightly heavy and creamy feel without leaving an unwanted coating in your mouth. *gross* It is a wonderfully balanced beer that is perfect after some serious snow shoveling.

3. Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Russian Imperial Stout/10% ABV

I love that the minute this beer starts pouring out that you can tell it is going to be a heavy beer that stays with ya. It isn’t overly chocolate, but there is definitely a presence of dark chocolate along with coffee and roasted malts. This beer is a bit intense with a slightly boozy smell. It is delicious, smooth, silky and just my kind of perfect dessert.

*Note: I’m partial to this one partly because I just visited this brewery. It was love at first sight.*

4. Anchor 2011 Christmas Ale
Winter Warmer/5.5% ABV

This lovely rust colored beer is tons of spice and everything nice. There are hints of cinnamon, nutmeg and licorice all swirling around together. It is medium bodied that feels heavy at first, but becomes nice and crisp as you sip it. If fruit cake is done right, it would taste like this beer.

5. Rogue Ales Santa’s Private Reserve Ale
American Amber/Red Ale/ 6% ABV

Christmas hops in a bottle right here! This beer pours a light amber color and not exactly clear. It has a haze that stays the entire time. There are tastes of dark fruit, baked goods, and slightly malty.This isn’t an overly thick beer so it is perfect for those who aren’t Guinness-like lovers. Light done right.

6. 21st Amendment Fireside Chat
Winter Warmer/7.9% ABV

You can’t have a 6-pack without a canned beer, right? This beer pours a lovely dark ruby color. While it smells quite like pumpkin pie, on first sip it has tastes of caramel followed by vanilla. A little bit hoppy, a little bit nutty, and a little bit spicy. Drink this beer and you will find more than a few empty cans around the house the next day.


Enjoy your winter beer and have a great holiday season. Hopefully I will see you over at A Girl & Her Mutt in the future. CHEERS!


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